A trip around Paxos

Gaios Port

Gaios - Northeastern part

Somewhere around 7 nautical miles south of Corfu and in about six hours drive to get from Athens to Igoumenitsa and about an extra hour at sea for you to reach the beautiful cluster of Paxos , “ the island of Poseidon ” as it was named by the ancient Greeks since by the myth, Paxos was made ​​a love nest for him and Amphitrite, seems a small price comparing to the beauty of the landscape that you will meet approaching on the boat, with the green islets that surround Gaios , the capital of the island.

For the times when you want to venture to the beautiful places of Paxos , explore some of the easily accessible beautiful beaches ( “spiatzes” as the locals call it ), as Levrecchio , Marmari, Kipiadi , Kaki Lagada , Cloni Gouli and the Erimitis, all whitewashed with pebbles or sand. Or if you prefer a higher type of experience that is beeing offered by our island, you can choose to rent a boat and pick some of the beaches that are not accessible by road on the west side of the island (Galazio , Achai ) or Antipaxoi (Rodovani , Vrika , Mesovrika , Voutoumi) with white sand , which will guarantee your relevant privacy apart from all the sensory pleasures they provide.

On the issue of accommodation, the options are varied. You can find some hotels, although the options are limited , because the first choice are the villas and the rooms to let, which are preferable more and more in the recent years by many foreign visitors.

Paxos is spread with small villages – settlements that spring up right in the middle of nowhere in between the trees and dense vegetation. The Velianitika , the Bogdanatika , the Vlahopoulatika , Magazia, are spots on the map that decorate with elegance the residential surroundings. The storical periods that the island have witnessed are also deeply engraved everywhere. Besides, the History of Paxos is filled with historical moments and transitions. Amongst them are their conquest by the Venetians in 1386 who ruled all the Ionian islands, the total destruction during the war between the Venetians and Ottomans, the presence of French Democrats in 1797 and the controversy they had with the English (with whom Theodoros Kolokotronis fought as an officer) for the possession of the island during the 19th century and suffered the destruction in 1923 by the fascist Italy, events that have engraved the overall culture of the place . It is no coincidence that, like Corfu , Paxos has their own unique Latin name (Passo).

The choice of Paxos for your summer vacations is a safe choice: everything here is like its long ready to welcome you and embrace you with their aura. So, the days and nights on the island will be forever unforgettable to you.